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Don’t Underestimate Yourself

I was asked to guest blog for A Stronger Version of Her and write about a particular obstacle that I have overcome.  And while it sounds like a simple thing to, I realized that doing so is often hard for all of us...not just myself.

The fact is that it’s hard to show what we’ve struggled through when many others are struggling with “more on their plates.”  And it’s hard to say all that we have been through without judgement headed our way.

But that’s why I’m writing this little bit before I write because I want you not to undermine what you’ve been through or compare yourself among others in sight.

Rather than letting comparison get in the way of telling your past, share a bit of where you’ve been and give yourself a chance.  Just by sharing YOUR story, you can truly save a life.

So onto my story…

If you haven’t read my blog, my name is Michele!  I’m on instagram as @afitandfabulousmichele!  And while you may think from my page that I’m just another fashion or fitness blogger, the fact is there’s much more than meets the eye than with a photo.  Just like my resume, which shows a valedictorian, it doesn’t quite show my battle!

In all reality, I’ve had many more battles and obstacles to face than you can imagine.

I’ve had…a.) a type 1 diabetic brother that almost died on several occasions b.) another brother who was undiagnosed with allergies to corn, banana, and avocado, and almost passed out on several accounts because of it c.) My own struggle with anorexia for more than seven years d.) A brutal divorce between my parents that lasted for years!  d.) Experiences of living with an alcoholic that used to shove me around, threaten, and videotape me.

It was bad.

And while I can go into depth about each obstacle I’ve faced, this blog post isn’t about me.  Neither is my blog A Fit and Fabulous Michele…(even though it says my name!).

This post and my blog is meant to show each one of you how great you can be.  It doesn’t matter what you are going through now or where you have been. All that matters is that you accept and share your story as it was rather than talking about the “should-have beens.”  Keep going and find what makes you feel confident as you are today.

It may be through fitness, fashion, or a hobby, but let’s be "Fit & Fabulous" today!

With Love Always,




My name is Michele!  I am currently twenty-seven years old, and hold a BA in Biology and Nutrition & Food Sciences from the University of Vermont.  Although my transcript shows several notable achievements, such as being the recipient of the Hannah Howard Award (4.0 GPA here!), and having membership into Phi Beta Kappa, what it doesn’t show is the struggles I’ve had to face to get there, such as my struggle with anorexia.

And while I could tell you where I’ve been, I’ll tell you a bit about who I am now!  I’m a girl who is obsessed with fitness, fashion, and nutrition! I love spending my free time researching peer-reviewed articles or reading a good magazine (Women’s Health, Vogue, Self, etc).  And I absolutely love working out! It can be doing strength training, walking, kayaking, water skiing, or anything of the sort! But one thing you must know about me is that I absolutely hate the cold!

So while you can read more about me on my blog, this is a bit of outlook into my past and present life!

P.S. If you want to connect with me, here are my social links!

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