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Leading with Intention

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word Intention in four ways. The first being, a determination to act a certain way. The second being, what one intends to do or bring about. The third I found to be very interesting, a process or manner of healing of incised wounds, incised meaning to cut. The fourth definition I was REALLY not expecting, purpose with respect to marriage.

When I was doing my registered yoga training a few years ago, we always talked about “setting an intention for our practice.” Typically the goal was to set an intention that the students could take with them as they left into their work week, or home for evening or weekend, etc. But also an intention that we could apply to our lives as the teacher. You have to practice what you preach!

As women, we have the opportunity to lead with intention everyday. In the workplace, in our homes, with our husbands and our children. We have the opportunity to be intentional with our purchases, our friends, and even our followers.

Now, if you continue to read this post with a feminist attitude, you will definitely be missing MY intention of this article. Do I believe women ARE and CAN be leaders in our society, government, workplace, home? YES, however I also believe that we can live intentionally under the covering of authority and walk side by side in business, life and marriage with a man.

As the female powerhouse of society, we have the opportunity to lead with intention everyday. Our words and actions are very powerful and we are trend setters. We are trend setters for the neighbor who can hear you in your home on a sunny day when they windows are open as you speak to your children. We are trend setters when we chose to shop conscious and local vs conventional and big box. We are trend setters when we post something to Instagram, even if it disappears in 24 hours.

As a mother, wife and matron, we set the tone for our home with the intention we set everyday. Whether we realize we are setting it or not. If we are constantly anxious, and focused on the worst possible thing that could happen. (Although it’s not very probable.) We set an atmosphere of anxiety that more often that not, can lead to depression for ourselves, our children and our husbands. If we are not intentional with our purchases, and spend $100 at target every week, filling our homes with stuff no one actually needs, we are setting an atmosphere that can be cluttered and chaotic. If we are not being intentional with what we post on Facebook or Instagram, we are setting ourselves up for drama, ruined relationships and embarrassment.

You may be thinking, okay great… so how can I apply this to my life. How can I start to live intentionally?

The first step is determination. Be determined to act a certain way. Right now, take a moment to set an intention, this intention can be for the day, for this week, this month or even this whole year or season of life. Now, take a moment to write down your intention, just scribble it down on a piece of scratch paper, or in the notes section on your phone. We will come back to it later.

The second step is healing. Take a moment to identify all hurts, hiccups or hang ups that could be keeping you from either setting an intention or following through with one. Is there a little voice in your head that is saying, you can’t be intentional you’re to this…. Or that…..? Write those things down, we will come back to them later.

The third step is respect. Thinking back to your intention, does your intention bring respect to yourself, your home, your significant other? Is this intention something that you can take with you into a meeting with your boss, or a confrontation with a friend? Will this intention bring resolution to your day? If yes, great! If no, set a new intention.

Is there a correlation between your intention and your hurt, hiccup or hang up? Will your intention begin to bring healing to your life, your past, your present and your future?

Take a few moments, out loud, and speak over yourself the OPPOSITE of your hurt. For instance if someone has told you that you are not good enough, say “I am amazing, smart, funny and I AM good enough.” Say this over and over, 10-12 times. Are you feeling that atmosphere shift? You should. Continue to do this over every hurt, hiccup or hang up that you are holding on to. It’s okay if you grab a box of tissues, it’s okay if this is an emotional process.

Coming back to your intention, take a moment, and if you need to change your intention, do so. Then, when you are ready, speak you intention over yourself, your family, your home, your workplace etc. Are you feeling the atmosphere shift? You should.

It is up to you what you do with the intention you wrote down, maybe you rewrite it, put it on a letter board. If it is on your phone, take some time later today and physically write it down. There is a mental shift that happens when we physically write something down. Place your intention somewhere that you will see it everyday. Maybe this is in your kitchen, in your bathroom on your mirror, on your desk. Maybe you make a copy for all of those spaces.

Just remember that you can set an new intention anytime! Maybe you set a new intention everyday or every week. Maybe sticking to one intention for a few months seems less daunting, that’s okay too.

Never live another day without doing it intentionally. Be determined in everything that you do to live with purpose and lead with intention. How would your life, our country or even this world be a different place if everyone lived with this mindset?

Take one more moment, really think about your intention, make sure you have written it down, and let it sink in, before you gone on with the rest of your day.

XO Namaste.

Rebekah is a wife, mother, influencer, leader, intention seeker, conscious consumer and business owner. She is passionate about breastfeeding, babywearing, bed sharing and gentle parenting. She considers herself a crunchy mama, conscious consumer and small shop supporter. She has a successful business that she runs for her home, check out her Beautycounter Business here. Day to day you can find Rebekah with her husband and their son, Liam, living their best life. You can find Rebekah as a resource for all things modern, minimal, conscious and intentional over at her blog Connect with Rebekah daily over on Instagram at @the _realrebekah Get in contact with her by sending a DM on Instagram or sending and email to

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