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Seven Ways To Be Your Happiest, Healthiest & Most Productive Self in 2018

Are you a babe with a dream? The first step to actually making those dreams a reality is to learn how to delegate your time. Sounds boring I know but, if done right, you’ll find yourself happier, healthier, and more productive than you’ve ever been.  

As an entrepreneur with a 9-5, I know the importance of time. Time is the only thing that that you never get back, so the most important thing you can do is use your time wisely. But how do you delegate how much time you spend on each thing? Well the answer is, everyone is different, and that’s the beauty of it but here are some tips that will help get you on the right path to being your happiest and most productive self.  

If it takes you two minutes or less, just do it, and do it right now. Have some dishes in the sink but it’s not a whole sink full? Do them. Need to respond to a text from earlier in your day? Write that text. It’s so easy to put off small and menial tasks but then by the end of the day/week you’ve put them off for so long that now it’s a chore. Avoid this step and bite the two minute bullet, it makes a difference.

  1. Get enough sleep. This one is going to vary because some people can function great off of 6 hours of sleep. I need a full 8 hours to be a functioning human being. Well, with the help of coffee I’m good with 7 but, 8 is preferred. If you know you need to be up at a certain time, make sure your bedtime acts accordingly. No one wants to start their day off on a lack of sleep. Rest up and your day will be a little bit better, promise. 

Give yourself deadlines. Have a nagging task? Need to make a phone call? Or write that post? Give yourself a date that it needs to be done by. I find that shorter goals work a little better for me but, you can adjust as necessary. I make at least one daily goal and 3-4 weekly goals. Breaking it up into smaller amounts of time makes it more manageable throughout your day/week. If you don’t achieve your goal one day, don’t sweat it! Just put it at the top of your goals for the next day. Not every day will be perfect so give yourself some grace but, don’t forget to put a deadline on your goal, that’s usually what makes that goal become a reality.

Practice self-care. This is going to look different for everyone but some examples of this could be: bathes, crystals, tarot, devotionals, journaling, reading, yoga, bike riding, meditation, and the list goes on and on. Find something that grounds you and makes you feel like a whole human being and do that thing often. And once you get good at doing that one thing, add another thing if you feel like you could be doing more. I am a firm believer in the “you can’t fill other’s cups until you fill your own cup” motto. Make sure you take the time to take care of yourself, even if it’s just five minutes. Never forget that your spirit needs to be fed too.

Make time for family & friends. Getting wrapped up in the hustle and bustle is something that most of us do too often. Don’t forget to call your Grandma, FaceTime your brother, and get together with that friend that you are always too busy to actually get together with. You'll feel better that you did and chances are, that other person’s cup will get filled too. Win win for everyone!

Find your tribe. Maybe your friends and family don’t understand what you are doing or trying to do, that’s ok but, find an accountability partner or tribe in your community. There is nothing better than bouncing new ideas off other creatives, it gives new life to all parties involved. See a girl on social media that you admire? Reach out to her, be genuine and see what happens. We need more women supporting women, always. Let’s find each other and lift each other up.

Don’t take things too seriously. At the end of the day if you are showing up every single day and giving every day your best, that’s all you can do. Give yourself praise when you deserve and grace when you need it because showing up as your authentic self is what is going to help you in the long run of this journey called life. 

Now get out there and make 2018 your best year yet!  

Jessie is a blogger, makeup artist, body positive babe, self development junkie, and by the end of 2018 will be a certified life coach with a specialization in body positivity. When you don’t find Jessie blogging about all the girly and positive things you can find her doing some sort of personal development, riding her bike, shopping, and enjoying down time with her family. Jessie’s life mission is to help women feel good from the inside out and she believes that beauty is an inside job. Jessie loves connecting with other women and feels that women work better together. Don’t forget to connect with Jessie on Instagram @joyfuljessie & @joyfuljessieartistry. And to take a look at her blog!

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