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She Plays We Win

#ShePlaysWeWin is an ongoing photo series, a movement and a community dedicated to uplifting fierce young women in sports! “She Plays We Win” highlights the trials and triumphs of young female athletes ages 7 to 14. These girls are talented, fearless and have big ideas for the future. An enthusiastic public response and an ever-increasing following has grown #ShePlaysWeWin from a passion photo project to a movement. A rally cry for fierce little girls to share their love of sport and build each other up in a positive competitive environment.

Enjoy the Question and Answer interview with the founder of SPWW, Christin Rose.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. Give us a normal "day in the life" of Christin. A: Everyday is a little different but if I have a shoot, I wake up really early! Those are the best days when you're actually out shooting! If it’s an office day, it involves a lot of coffee, researching inspirations for upcoming shoots, along with plenty of music, phone calls and editing. LOTS of editing :) I try to fit in a Soul Cycle class in too!

Q: What sports did you play growing up? How did the team community help empower you? A: I played volleyball, basketball & softball growing up. As I got older, through college & into my career as a photographer, I was continuously reminded of all the valuable lessons I learned from sports, coaches, and teammates as I was growing up. Today, I still look back at those lessons and apply them to my life each day as they have acted as the original inspiration for the She Plays We Win project

Q: Can you explain the She Plays We Win brand name? A: Of course! She plays We Win stands for the idea that if girls are encouraged to participate in sports at a young age, the benefits will stay with them forever!

Q: What dreams do you have for SPWW in the near future? A: Continue to grow, continue to use photography & first-hand quotes from fierce young girls in the game to encourage & celebrate young athletes all over the world!

Q: What’s the biggest mistake you've made during this whole project and how have you learned from it? A: Oh man, it’s all about living & learning huh!? I would say trying to do everything over night has acted as the greatest hardship. It’s important to realize that building a brand takes patience - that’s something I struggle with all the time - it’s a continual learning experience.

Q: What is the biggest accomplishment since starting SPWW? A: The biggest accomplishment in founding She Plays We Win has definitely been witnessing the impact the project has had on girls. Finding out that girls are inspired by these photos, that they're reminded they are special and unique is a very powerful concept! Sometimes I pinch myself that I get to do this cause I truly LOVE the project!

Q: Can you tell us more about the recent partnership with Tribe of Dreamers? Who are they and what is the connection with Swaziland, Africa? A: Tribe of Dreamers are my good friends! They have partnered with lots of amazing causes through the years allowing all their jewelry to include a give back component! In this case, through the She Plays We Win x Tribe of Dreamers partnership, we crafted a modern day friendship bracelet & necklace designed by girls for girls. Every purchase of an “I Got You” piece will put $3 toward clean drinking water and sports equipment for the youth community in Swaziland, Africa encouraging health and play and a global sisterhood.

Q: What advice would you give to someone trying to working the social impact space through selling goods or services? A: Go with your heart!! If you really care about something & want to tell the world, it is important to recognize that your voice can be heard, especially though social media.


Christin Rose is a photographer based in Southern California and the founder of the “She Plays We Win” project. Honing in on a unique style and ability to capture people at their most genuine and natural selves, Rose has distinguished herself in this highly competitive field with a decade of documentary, lifestyle and fashion photography. Finding her voice in art and photography, Christin Rose began to search for a cause in which she truly believed. Recalling the impact of athletics in her own childhood, particularly those transformative pre-teen years, Christin began to take photos of young skater girls at the Venice Skare Park in an attempt to capture the essence and free spirit of that special time in a girl’s life. Inspired by the young women she was meeting, Rose reached out to other young athletes and created a photo series she hoped would speak to these girls and encourage them to keep being their bold selves. A few short months later, #ShePlaysWeWin was born.

Make sure to check out the #sheplayswewin Instagram as well.

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