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  • Brittanie Shannel Harrison

Feel Good

“Life gives you many epiphanies, and each one prompts a new journey.”

- B Shannel Harrison

There was a time I accepted the negativity I’d experienced in my life. Habitual self-doubt became my “thing.” Like many of us, I’ve gone through hardships that developed me into who I am today. It took most of my life to understand (and still learning) that the moment of change only starts with the person in the mirror.

A few years ago, I was in a darker space. I’d gotten into a really bad car accident (I am so thankful for my survival). I was let go from my undesirable job because the accident stopped me from performing efficiently. I’d lost a few love ones. My family broke up, and to top all of it off, I was in an emotionally draining relationship. This took a straining on my mind. It negatively affected the way saw myself. My focusing on hardships left little to no time for self-reflection. I was soon left feeling mentally, emotionally, and spiritually worn out. I knew there was some light for me at the end of the tunnel.

It wasn’t until early 2017, when my thought process took a turn for the best. I was driving along the coast of Pacifica. In a distance was an admirable portrait of the ocean. It was a clear day in the bay area. Tough waves were crashing into the sand - I swear I was able to feel the vibrations! I rolled down my windows to feel the crisp air, which smelt of a salty mist.  There was a spunky tune coming through the radio; setting the mood. In this moment I felt good. That’s when it hit me: I matter, and I love myself. Feeling good, and unstoppable, I instinctively stopped in my tracks, and pulled over to the nearest parking spot. I whipped out my pen and journal, and started reflecting on my newest accomplishments. After finishing, I was in awe of what I’d fulfilled! It was a beautiful evening, and this epiphany took place while in front of the warm setting sun.  

“Tapping into the inner self is the primal method for positive change.”

It was like a light bulb went off! I felt illuminated. Self-reflection became one of my main priorities. I was growing into a stronger version of myself. Heavy meditation was the start of my healing process. It taught me how to maintain a level of grounding, and helped me connect with others. I took more walks through nature. Journaling became a habit again. Reciting positive affirmations grew normal. I made an effort to save space financially, by putting money into ‘feel good’ objects and activities like: crystals, candles, incense,and crafts; dance classes, yoga, and healthy eating. I was truly getting to know who I was becoming, and that I, too, have gems to offer. Eventually it was easier to take advantage of my life; attracting and manifesting all feel-good things. Clarity of mind is everything. It saved my life, and it’s still doing the job.

Affirmation Chants:

I am healthy

I am beautiful externally/internally

I surround myself with positive vibes

I am organized and handy

I’m thankful for blessings and good karma

I am thankful for who I am

I am trustworthy

My life is abundant

Brittanie will have a blog soon, but in the meantime you can follow her on instagram while we wait for it to go live!  

Let's have Britt tell us a little more about herself: 

My life is always evolving. It keeps getting better as I grow. I currently work as a careprovider, and living in San Pablo, Ca, with my kittens I helped raise into healthy felines. It's my current quest to find lofty homes for them. It has been a theraputic experience. Lately, I've had much of my focus on getting involved with activisim and organizations that promote preventative steps to stop abuse. Fun facts: I love sushi but struggle using chopsticks I'm graceful with a high level of clumsiness - what gives? I prefer to shower in the dark

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