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Dear Fellow Traveler: Teach Me Your Carefree Ways

Dear Fellow Traveler,

I had this really intense feeling of wanting to run away today. One of those moments where you wish you were a baby again so you could just throw yourself on the floor and roll around a bit. But given that I’m nearly 25 I don’t think that would be appropriate, at least in public.

My question is how do you do this? How do you so simply jump from one situation to the next? Please share the secret to your free spirited nature. I wish so badly to possess some of your beautiful attributes. The carefree way in which you allow life to take you from one amazing journey to the next. Your fearlessness in the face of change. Your acceptance that though many good things come to an end, another amazing thing is just around the corner.

For me traveling has exposed many of my rough edges. These edges are me. I am the prickly cactus and the magnificent flower that immerges from it. How can we admire the beauty of the flower without acknowledging the dirt in which it came to fruition?

I now think that these moments of running away and running towards may just be a way of dealing with the dirt and nourishing the blossoms.

Can you share with me if you are running away? Did you set off on this journey only to come in contact with your sharp edges? Did you too realize that you were running away and towards in the same moment?

But anyways maybe we are all running away from something. Maybe it’s the running away that teaches us how to run towards. Toward ourselves. Our communities. Our passions. Towards a stronger version of ourselves.

Maybe one day our paths will run into each other. Until then.


Paige Elisabeth

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