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A Stronger Version of Her is an organization that helps young women develop a vision and create a clear path toward their futures. ASVH builds a community of young women. We all work together in concrete ways using our skills and finding our passions to create a powerful future for ourselves and the ones around us.

About ASVH

ASVH strives to support your personal, professional and philanthropic development through networking, speakers and events. 
Currently ASVH has an active Facebook community. The page has over five hundred members. While most of the young women are located in Northern California, ASVH is becoming an international community. Members can share events or programs that they are involved with, personal projects, ideas and suggestions, or articles. The Facebook group is a great way to share successes, failures and work on accountability. 

ASVH also utilizes its blog as a platform for women to share their stories and connect. Subscribe and know when a new post is published!

About Her


Amanda Dorsey is passionate about helping others, traveling, and enjoys being in a leadership role. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz in June 2014 with a Major in Psychology and minors in Education and Spanish. Coming from a network of strong women, a background in psychology, and with a passion for bringing people together, Amanda wanted to create a community in which young women work together to empower themselves and create their own futures.
In September 2017, Amanda relocated from the Bay Area to Denver, CO. She is excited to see what the relocation has to offer for herself and the ASVH community.



Through speakers and activities, young women will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and find the resources they need to succeed.

1. Explore your current interests.

2.  Engage in self-exploration. 

 3.  Create your future.



These are just a few examples of events that may be hosted by ASVH. If you have a suggestion or want to facilitate an event please let us know how we can support your vision.

  • Vision Board Parties

  • Happy Hour at Bay Area Restaurants

  • Book Club

  • Pop-Up Work Out Classes

  • Art Shows

  • DIY Classes

  • Resume Workshops

"Being a part of ASVH has provided me with so much... not only have I gotten the chance to reconnect with old friends, I also have such a sense of community. I love how much support we all give each other & I am so excited to see how it grows." 

— Laura M

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